Saturday, August 10, 2019

Seven fabulous stories in one set!

Once Upon A Highland Glen


Join NY Times, USA Today Bestselling, and celebrated authors Suzan Tisdale, Kathryn Lynn Davis, Bronwen Evans, Violetta Rand, Maeve Greyson, Victoria Zak, and Scarlett Scott on a journey back in time with seven new stories.

In the Highlands of Scotland, there exists a magical glen where visitors can make a single wish. The cost: giving something precious in return, something you've never offered to anyone before. But beware, for there is a siren capable of reading your heart, and if your intent is anything but pure, there will be consequences…

Legend has it when the ruthless Laird Bronn Keith nearly dies due to his own selfishness and greed, his life was saved by the siren. She offers him a single wish. But when he fails to offer up what she requires in return for granting his one desire, the magical woman abandons him, leaving him to die.

In his tragic moment, the laird finally realizes the error of his ways and inadvertently offers his regret for the life he’s lived. Judging his heart true, Laird Keith is returned to his home, where he changes his life and the lives of those around him, finding love and peace forever.
Our stories take you back in time, to the magical Highland glen where wishes are made, redemption is sought, and forgiveness is hopefully found.

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