Saturday, November 10, 2018

Who knew?

Katie Jenson never dreamed that a time-traveling Highland warrior would be her greatest archeological find.

“Now what?” Katie asked.

When Ramsay finally spoke, the deep richness of his voice was low and steady. He talked as though in a trance. “As of this evenin’, ye are now the wife and soulmate of Ramsay Danann MacDara. Third son to the MacDara high chieftain. Born at MacDara Broch in the Highlands of Scotland . . . in the year 884.”

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sneak peek into KATIE'S HIGHLANDER!

Damn. He’s right where he belongs.

The certainty hit her as soon as she saw him. Hit. Her. Hard. So hard, she caught her breath and froze in the archway opening into the great hall.

Ramsay stood on the dais at one end of the cavernous meeting room that sprawled the length and width of the keep. The great hall, as it was known by all, comprised the center core of the stronghold—and Ramsay now reigned supreme over it.

Formidable. Imposing. Arresting. All those adjectives fell short when it came to describing the mesmerizing man who had obviously not only found his element but totally embraced it.

He clutched his spear at his side like a king—no like a Greek god, like Zeus himself holding his scepter as he surveyed Olympus. A different breastplate from the one he’d worn earlier covered his chest. This one reminded Katie of the one Ramsay’s father had worn back at the altar. Highly polished iron and brass pieces shaped into what she was certain were meaningful symbols were inset into the piece of thick leather armor that had been dyed black and oiled to a fine sheen that reflected the light from the torches and the candles.

Wide stance. Broad shoulders thrown back. Head held high. A heart-stopping leader overseeing all his subjects. When his piercing gaze landed on her, Katie swallowed hard and an involuntary shiver of damn rippled through her. This wasn’t Ramsay, the sweet, hesitant introvert of Brady, North Carolina. This man was Ramsay, the fearless warlord.

He smiled. A real smile that proudly shone from his eyes, then he held out his hand and waited.
A gentle but firm push nudged at the small of her back. “Go to him, m’lady,” Flora whispered from behind her. “Dinna fash, I’ll be a standin’ to the side of the pedestal if ye have need of the slightest thing.”

Oddly enough, the knowledge that the mere slip of a girl that she’d just met would be nearby did make her feel somewhat better.

Katie stepped into the room and the rumbling undertone of the multiple conversations evaporated, leaving behind a nerve-jarring silence. She swallowed hard and kept her focus locked on Ramsay as she made her way to the dais and took his hand.

“Yer breathtaking,” Ramsay said as he beamed at her with a look she’d never seen on any man’s face before. It was a shiver-inducing mixture of pride, adoration, and pure primal hunger. He steadied her as she navigated the pair of wide stone steps of the dais, assisting her struggle to keep her long skirts from grabbing her feet and throwing her to the ground.

He kept his gaze locked on her face as he met her on the middle step and pressed his mouth close to her ear right before she’d reached the top. “Truly breathtaking, dear one, and yer all mine.”

Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

A tester of many flavors or no? #ReadRomance #WhatGenreForYou

Many genre choices a burdened author doth make.
Ever since I started releasing my stories into the wild—kind of like a catch and release program—I’ve been hard pressed to nail down my “brand”. Authors are always advised, and rightly so, to establish their brand. It helps readers. It helps marketing. It helps publishers. It helps eeeeerbody up in here. But it kinda makes me squirm.

My tagline: Magical Romance Sifting through Time was about as close as I could get to branding what I write because my stories vary. A lot. The only constant in all my stories is my beloved Highlanders.

My most recent series: Highland Protectors runs along the lines of contemporary, time-travel, historical romance with a backstory sprinkle of druid magic and Celtic goddesses. The first two books are primarily in the present and the third book…uhm…isn’t. *wink* Can’t give away too much, now can I? But anyway, how’s that for a sampler plate of genres within the same series?

In my current writing project, I’m attempting to discipline myself and stick to one genre. I know. Kind of scary. It’s pure historical romance set in seventeenth century Scotland. No time travel. No druids or witchcraft. No Celtic hocus pocus. I’m tempted, mind you, but so far, I’m nearly half done with the draft of the first book and I haven’t cheated even once.

But I am curious. Are you a reader of many genres? My faves are historical, regency, and time-travel romances. I cut my proverbial reading teeth on Barbara Cartland romances.

What genre or genres do you enjoy?

Friday, June 29, 2018

TA-DAAA!!! Check out the cover for KATIE'S HIGHLANDER! #EverybodyNeedsAHighlander


An archaeologist with a zest for life finds herself stranded in small-town North Carolina—with a brooding Highland hunk who’s straight out of ancient Scotland.

Ramsay MacDara wishes the goddesses had left his arse back in the tenth century. That way he never would have met the gold digger who made a fool out of him. A loner at heart, Ramsay is riding his beloved horse through the woods near his family’s North Carolina theme park, Highland Life and Legends, when he hears tires squealing—followed by a thud—and rushes to the scene to help. That’s when he sets his eyes on a pair of long legs sticking out of the moon roof of a car. His interest piqued, the rest of her will soon arouse his greatest desires . . . and deepest fears.

Archaeologist Katie Jenson is on a six-month sabbatical from her job at Princeton University. Following the death of her beloved father—whose dying request was for Katie to live life to the fullest—she’s headed to a friend’s beach house in North Carolina. But a momentary distraction takes her off the road and on the journey of her life . . . with a sex god in a kilt at her side. Ramsay’s passion is the stuff of legend—and it just may be Katie’s greatest discovery.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

JOANNA'S HIGHLANDER - Available now! #EverybodyNeedsAHighlander

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“Nay, m’love, I canna stop.” He slowly rose from his seat, keeping his voice soft and low, barely louder than the sound of the rain. “Yer the first woman in sixteen years . . .” His words stalled. Was he really ready to reveal his scarred heart and painful history… Grant MacDara 

Joanna’s Highlander – A Highland Protector Novel

Present-day North Carolina sings with the passions of the Scottish Highlands as a fiery, time-traveling Celtic warrior takes a stubborn tour guide for a wild ride.

Haunted by lost love, Grant MacDara still dreams of tenth-century Scotland. Nothing can soothe his aching heart—until a sharp-tongued, redheaded beauty leads a tour of senior citizens through his family’s North Carolina theme park, Highland Life and Legends. Though she’s the polar opposite of the lass he left behind, Joanna Martin is the most irresistible woman Grant has ever met. But when he decides that she’s worth the risk of loving again, he tries so hard to hold her close that she nearly slips through his fingers.

Forced out of her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep by a conniving ex, Joanna is trying to make the best of her quiet new life. But one glimpse of Grant—who wields an ancient hammer like it’s just another appendage of his chiseled body—convinces Joanna not to give up on love. The one thing she can’t do is outrun her past as a loser magnet. And although Grant seems to be the last honorable man left on earth, this mouthwatering stud needs a crash course in twenty-first-century women before Joanna can trust him with her heart.