Friday, August 5, 2011

Whaddya mean SUMMER IS OVER???

You know that old saying "Time flies when you're having fun"? Well. It's true. I've also decided it tends to speed up quite a bit as you get older. It seems like I remember my grandmother saying, "One of these days, you'll blink your eyes and you'll be an old woman just like me. Enjoy every minute as it comes and don't wish your life away." Wise woman, my grandmother. 

Yes, I guess summer is almost over. It's August and here in Kentucky, it's time for kids to go back to school. Thoughts shift to the inevitable turn of the seasonal wheel, the promise of cooler days, changing leaves and the excitement of fall festivals. 

But before summer leaves us completely, this post celebrates some of the fun we shared.

Do you have any summer memories to share?


  1. Ah, unfortunately it does have to come to a bittersweet end. My kids actually start school August 29th. Even though mom and dad still have to work during the summer, *groan*, the kids have had a blast. Canada, Hershey Park, Kennywood Park, Cooks Forest, sleepovers, swimming pools, sunburns and suntans. Even though I love summer, I love fall even more. Great pics. Your granddaughter is getting so big. How old is she now?

  2. LOL! You are so right, Victoria. Kids have it made in the summer time. The grandbaby is already seven years old. I can't believe how fast she's growing up. I almost wish I could make time stand still so she'd always be little but I guess that would be selfish. *sigh*

  3. Our only vacations have been road trips on college visits. My daughter and I have had fun and never gotten lost more than twice on any one trip.
    I remember the days of taking the kids to the amusement parks. Can't drag them there now.

  4. My daughters and I have enjoyed a few of those road trips where we took a wrong turn or two, Susan. I remember once, we ended up traveling the wrong way on a one way street in Nashville! I just closed my eyes until she stopped laughing long enough to find a place to turn around. Nothing fazes that kid!

  5. Hard to believe summer's almost over, but I'm looking forward to autumn and some heat relief! Plus autumn's my favorite season. :)
    My dad always said the same thing: don't wish your life away. Very wise!
    Your granddaughter's the perfect age to enjoy summer with. Looks like you had a great time with her.

  6. I love fall and winter too, Cate! I've never been much of a summer gal. And we definitely enjoy our time spent with the grandbaby - I think mainly because we know she's going to grow up entirely too soon.

  7. I moved from Florida so I could get away from the heat. :) I'd love to take my boys out west. I think they'd love the Grand Canyon and National Forest. Great pictures, Maeve. Thanks for sharing.