Friday, November 13, 2009

This new adventure called "Blogging"....

I've just signed my paranormal romance, "Beyond a Highland Whisper" with The Wild Rose Press so, I'm new to this mysterious world of blogging. Since I've just submitted all the paperwork for the cover art and not quite started the edits, I thought these first "learning blog posts" would be a good opportunity to introduce myself and get used to this odd little contraption.

As you can see by the photos, I'm an animal lover. I also have quite a nice husband who's been around for over thirty years. He says I love the Jasper more then I love him. He's's just that Jasper doesn't snore...much.

Niko, "The Ancient" is named as such because he's nineteen plus years old. He will never die because he knows my husband hates him. He's living just to spite him. When he was a kitten, he chose hubby's favourite pair of hunting boots rather than the litter box. If you're the least bit familiar with the odor of cat urine, you know the boots had to go.

Fiona, "The Huntress" appeared out of nowhere half-starved wandering up our driveway. We live on five acres back in the woods. I don't know what happened to her but any critter that shows up at the door, I feed it. So, now she's fixed...and now, she's ours and I have to watch where I step every morning. She's leaves me presents of little dead varmints on the doorstep. I guess that's her way of saying thank you for taking her in. Once I stepped outside and she was slinking up on a deer in the front yard like a lioness across the Serengeti. No confirmed kill as yet.

And then of course, there are the raccoons, possums and squirrels. We love our little corner of the wilderness here in Kentucky. Sometimes I think it's the wind whispering in the trees that helps nudge the words loose in my head.