Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And to think I didn't want to go?

I admit it. The idea of flying to Los Angeles, CA and attending the RT Convention TERRIFIED me.

I don't fly well. Motion sickness and claustrophia make getting me inside an airplane a lot like shoving a cat in a water barrel. I'm also not very good with crowds. Writer = shy + introvert + quiet (squared & multiplied by a thousand). But everyone told me I NEEDED to go. And in my heart - I knew they were right. So with dramimine and barf bags in my carry-on - off I went to RT with Hubby standing right behind me to make sure I didn't bolt.

*Happy Sigh* And now I'm so glad I went. I'll remember those few days for as long as I live. I thought I'd share a few pictures here on the old blog. Some have already been posted on my Facebook page but I thought I'd repeat them here. Yes. I know. But please indulge me. After all, I don't get out very much. ;-) Above you'll see the contestants for Mr. RT 2011 (and me). They were all extremely nice

And here's a picture Stefan Pinto signed for me during the Kensington Mixer on Friday morning. I loved his sense of humor. He was handing out pins that read "Stefan Pinto is my boyfriend" and before my husband realized what Stefan had done - there was a "boyfriend" pin attached to his shirt. Before Stefan put the pin on my husband's collar, he'd whispered to me, "Watch this. It will be very funny." I couldn't help giggling when Hubby asked what the pin said.

I'm proudly displaying my "Kensington Author" ribbon. It all seemed like a wonderful dream. But I've got the ribbon as proof it was real.

I have absolutely no idea what I said after Alicia Condon announced my Writing With the Stars win. I was still tingling from hearing her say that ETERNITY'S MARK would be a Kensington Brava April 2012 release. *Gasp*  When I returned to my seat, I asked Hubby if I said anything stupid. He assured me that I didn't. I also asked him if I'd thanked everyone. He said, "Yep. Everyone except me."  I felt SO bad but by the way he grinned from ear to ear, I knew he realized how much I appreciated and STILL appreciate all his support.

My AWESOME mentor, Rebecca Zanetti. She helped me more than words could ever describe.

Kensington editor Megan Records. SUCH a wonderful person and I wish I had a tenth of her energy.

The rest of the pictures pretty much explain themselves. And I couldn't resist including one of the smartest RTr's of the bunch...especially since I was missing my writing partner, Jasper.

If you EVER get the opportunity to attend an RT Booklover's Convention, don't pass it up. It's like a huge family reunion for true lovers of wonderful tales.