Saturday, April 2, 2011

Warm Weather Wars

The exploding blossoms of the crabapple trees lace the warm spring breeze with a soft floral sweetness. Butterflies can't resist the delicious temptation waiting at the center of the flowers.

But don't let this soothing, birdsong-filled scenery fool you.  Don't let the tinkling sound of the wind-chimes lull you into a relaxed complacency. With Spring, with the first greening of the leaves, the warm weather wars begin.

Jasper knows it's time to track those irritating varmints.  He's watched them from his perch on the back of the couch through the winter-frosted window.  They're the ones who've hidden in the shed all winter long, teasing him when they skittered into unreachable corners behind the barrels and tools. The wood flooring reaks of their furry little bodies. He snuffled their tracks until he shook with the cold, grumbling with frustration when finally forced to abandon the chase and return to the warmth of the house.  He knew the enemy lurked in the shadows, snickering as he stomped out the door.

They've moved to the woodpile, tempted by the birdseed and corn scattered for all to enjoy.  He's forced one to dart into a rotted log of the wood.

The evil beast took refuge atop the woodpile and chittered victory from his safe perch among the logs. But Jasper is a seasoned warrior and didn't give up without scoring a final hit in this battle.  While keeping his gaze fixed on the squirrel, he sauntered over to the low-slung watering trough, hiked his leg and "spiked" the enemies drinking water. Let the warm weather games begin!