Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bossy dragons...

If I'd known dragons were such nagging taskmasters, I never would've invited them to my home. Sigurd Castlebound and Fergus Greenscale just informed me stories do not write themselves while the author is frittering away her time looking at pictures of Scotland and bare-chested Highlanders on the internet. They even had the audacity to suggest installing a firewall to hinder my access to such sites!

Jasper is no help either. Apparently, the three of them have formed some strange dragon dog alliance to ensure I remain focused.

Well. I guess there's no helping it. Three against one are tall odds I can't overcome. So just so you know, I haven't disappeared. I'm being held captive by a dog and two dragons until I get my current series finished. By the way, you'll hear more about this series later on. It's contracted with Random House Loveswept!

Oh my. I must go now. Fergus just opened one eye and gave me THE look. *sigh*