Sunday, April 21, 2013

When I'm not writing...

This year seems to be slipping through my fingers --extra hours at the full time job, two books in the editing phase and a new story in the works have my too short days flying past me at warp speed. Burnout sneaks up like damp, cold fog threatening to smother each and every creative spark. So I stepped back and relaxed this weekend. Here's a few pictures of the lovely time we had with our daughter, granddaughter and of course, Jasper on the first camping trip of the season. 
Chloe approved of the playground.
Yes. Daughter is on top of the RV. Her childhood nickname was monkey.  
One particular goose laid claim to the beach area.
Mr. Goose was a bit camera shy.
Very graceful bird.
Jasper tolerates camping as long as we allow him to explore.
Chloe inherited her mother's agility.
No camping trip is complete without a scooter.
This is Jasper's "Isn't it time to go back home?" look.
The weather was beautiful.
My babies fished.
And explored the coastline.
Jasper closely supervised the fishing.
*ahem* And others napped.

I highly recommend a weekend of recharging.  *happy sigh*