Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Dragon Army

Allow me to introduce my Dragon Army or as I affectionately call them, The Mystical Seven. ;-)

The newest recruit to join the ranks is Fury Infernicus Brimstone, a wishing dragon. Inside his chest beats a golden star that grants his chosen one all their dreams. Luckily for me, he's sworn his loyalty to me forever.

This relaxed fellow is Blazerous Coaldun-Mistrach. An amiable soul who rarely rouses from his dreams but when provoked, reduces any irritant to a pile of cinders. Blazerous is also known as guardian of the writerly cave.

 Smaller in scale but no less lethal, this feisty beast is Charconus Smee. A bit sensitive about his diminutive size, Charconus tends to sizzle first and ask questions later. His duties include guarding the sacred ink cartridges and ensuring all printer cables are not sabotaged by marauders.

 Wee Poof makes up the junior ranks while he excitedly awaits the grand day when he's able to produce his first flame. He's unable to assume any major assignments at this time but serves the purpose of tattling to command whenever the other dragons shirk their duties. Yes. Poof is not favored among the senior ranks.

 Raucous Firestrom is the founder of the army. As shown here, Raucous represents the core belief of the Mystical Seven: Never allow anyone to tell you you'll never make it. If you believe you can, you will.

 Seamus Puck is an agreeable soul able to see across the web of time and either nod or shake his head to predict the outcome of any venture.

And last but far from least is Virgilious Amoratio, better known as Virgil the Preener. He adores the ladies and never misses an opportunity to flaunt his colorful scales and belch sparkling flames.

By the way, the troops asked me to pass along that they're always looking to increase the ranks. Gifted dragons are always welcome but snakes and lizards need not apply.