Friday, May 1, 2020

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One moment of sheer bliss is worth an eternity of heartbreak.

He is the Tairgsean Seelie prince, forbidden to leave the safety of the glen.
Alec Danann, prince royal of the Tairgsean Seelie, can choose any female of the thirteen kingdoms to be his mate. But once he discovers Nia Matheson, a lovely, intriguing mortal, his heart wants no other. There's only one problem. His mother the queen forbids consorting with mortals.
She is the laird's daughter, promised to another.
Nia Matheson can't bear the thought of marrying the cruel warlord Morcant MacKay. Not when her visions promise her a man of masterful strength tempered with caring and kindness. But what if he's not real? What if he's just a man of dreams and wishes? Even though her visions have never failed her before, she dare not wait for him any longer. She has to escape her rapidly approaching wedding day. But the MacKay threatens to destroy her clan if she doesn't meet him at the altar.
When the worlds of immortal and mortal collide, can love rise above it all?
If Nia chooses Alec, she must leave her world behind. For once a mortal enters the Glen of Bruadair, there is no leaving. She's loved him since her very first vision of him she received at her grandsire's cairn, but is that enough? Can she leave behind all she holds dear? And if she chooses Alec, how can she protect her clan from the wrath of Warlord MacKay?
**A little bit of fantasy, a little bit of legend, and a lot of page-turning excitement. Mix these into a Scottish historical romance and you've got a wonderful new fairy tale! Enjoy this novella from bestselling author Maeve Greyson. No cliffhangers and a happily ever after are guaranteed!**