Monday, May 29, 2023

Delighting Her Highland Devil is releasing early!


She tumbles back three centuries into the arms of a gruff Highlander and wins his heart—until she endangers everyone he’s ever protected.

Jovianna Jacobs, a history professor specializing in Scottish culture, is brilliant and students flock to sign up for her classes. Not because of her brilliance—but because of her foibles during her lectures. No matter how hard she tries not to be so clumsy, when she gets excited about a topic, her fumbling nearly destroys the room. Literally. After wrecking her third laptop in six months and completely embarrassing herself, a relaxing trek through Finnich Glen with her high-spirited mother is just the ticket to put things in perspective. There’s nothing like descending into the mystical gorge and visiting the infamous Devil’s Pulpit. But a rainstorm triggers a flash flood and while trying to retreat and manage the hazardous waters, dizzying nausea overpowers her and the raging current washes her away.

Tobias Risk, the ruthlessly fierce highwayman known as the Devil of the Highlands, has been fighting to keep his greedy brother, the Earl of Grampian, from replacing their people with sheep to make more money off their lands. Farming is all the crofters know, but they’re being evicted and burned out in the name of profit and progress. All that stands between them and homelessness is the money that Tobias and his men steal from wealthy travelers to cover the ever-increasing rents. After one such robbery, while washing his face in the waters beside the Devil’s Pulpit, a beautiful and helpless Englishwoman washes up at his feet. Not only that, but her irritating mother is with her. And after saving the young beauty from drowning, he becomes hopelessly entranced with her. So much so that he claims her for his wife.

But treachery abounds and enemies both old and new threaten their newfound love. The two remain steadfast until Jovianna makes a grave error in judgment and endangers everyone Tobias has ever protected.

Tobias never learned the art of forgiveness. But Jovianna loves him with a fury and refuses to walk away. Somehow she will reverse her mistake and win back her Devil of the Highlands.