Friday, March 9, 2012

Maeve said I could borrow her blog...

How’s it going? Jasper here. I asked Maeve if I could borrow her blog to personally thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I hadn’t really counted on her dragging out that stupid camera. But I guess it’s okay since the pictures show everyone how great I’m doing since I had my stroke a couple of weeks ago.
Can I tell you it scared the living crap outta me? I mean –seriously. All of a sudden nothing on the right side of my body cooperated. I couldn’t even lounge on my favorite pillow. I kept rolling off the silly thing. Can you imagine how humiliating it is to have your human set you on your perch and you roll over like a ball down a steep driveway?
And my mouth leaked! Now I admit, I’m not the neatest water drinker in the world but I couldn’t get ANY of it in my mouth. But Maeve took me to see Doc and even though the man had the shameless nerve to put this weird snout holder across my nose AND stick me in the butt with something really sharp, I have to admit he helped me out. Let me tell you somethin’ though, that nasty black junk he gave Maeve to squirt in my mouth tastes terrible. I made sure Maeve found out how horrible those drops were. I licked her right in the mouth when she didn’t expect it. If she had ears to flatten against the side of her head, I think she would’ve done it. She started spitting and mumbling something about liver-flavored. Take it from me; I have NEVER tasted a piece of liver that tasted like that. I guess Maeve is right about one thing though: when you’re ailin’, you gotta take your medicine. BLECH!
My paw’s gettin’ kinda tired now so I’m gonna wrap this up. I just wanted all of y’all to know that I really appreciate your friendship. Maeve read all the emails to me since I was too tired to read them myself. Those emails made me proud to say that I’ve got some pretty awesome humans as friends. 
I still keep a close eye on my land
Here's the pics Maeve took today. See how great I'm doin'? Thanks again, y'all!
This is my girlfriend, Yellow Dog
It's best to ease your way into a pile of dead leaves.
Did you know that sticks smell better after you lick'm?
Come down here and say that, you mangy gray furball
ENOUGH with the pictures, Maeve. Later y'all!