Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Ghost is released!


Clan MacCoinnich is the only family Magnus de Gray has ever known. But when a message catches up with him five years too late, he discovers he has more family than he thought. He has a son. But the dear lady who gave him this gift died while bringing the wee one into the world. Magnus isn’t about to abandon his child—not the way his father abandoned him. He’s determined to find the boy and bring him home to Clan MacCoinnich.

Brenna Maxwell loved her sister Bree with all her heart, but if she could reach beyond the grave, she would shake her until her teeth rattled. All Brenna ever wanted was to be a healer and even convinced her cruel father to let her leave the keep for training. She returned to find her unmarried sister pregnant and both of them banished from the clan. While on the run, her sister died bringing the babe into the world, leaving Brenna with the precious child to love and protect.

She spent years hating this man she had never met. The selfish womanizer responsible for her sister’s death and more pain and suffering than she could bear to think about. But then he saved her life. And he’s kind. And it turns out he’s not a womanizer at all, but a quiet warrior who struggles to say what he really means. He’s just a man who wants to take care of his son and make up for the past.

How can she hate a man like that? A man determined to make her love him?

*If you love romantic page-turners about alpha male Highlanders and the strong, fiery women they fight to win, then you’ll love this final installment in the Highland Heroes series from bestselling author Maeve Greyson.

Highland Heroes
Book 1 - The Guardian
Book 2 - The Warrior
Book 3 - The Judge
Book 4 - The Dreamer
Book 5 - The Bard
Book 6 - The Ghost

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