Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday - Stone Guardian

In this sneak peek, Torin “convinces” Emma she’s a very desirable woman:
 “You don’t know squat.” Emma snorted. “That man, Alex, only wants us to get along so the atmosphere at the clinic won’t be so intense. He can’t stand my company any more than I can stand his. He’s doing all this for the sake of the children.”
“Ye truly believe that?” Torin stared at Emma trying to ignore how inviting she looked when righteous indignation colored her skin. How could the woman be so damn blind? Torin didn’t even have to use his mystical senses to pick up on Alex Mackenzie’s  obvious interest in the fuming woman standing before him. Could she be that oblivious to her effect on men? To the temptation she presented as soon as she walked into a room? “Yer a beauty, woman, and when your scent fills the room, it teases a man until his body aches with the pain of needing to take ye.”
Emma grew still and she ran the tip of her tongue in a nervous swipe across her lips. “You’re wrong. You’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just plain old Emma. Ms. Dependable, squared.”
With a frustrated growl, Torin pulled her into his arms and clenched her tight against the hardened length of his body. “Does it feel like I’m wrong, Emma? Listen to me with what your body feels instead of with what your mind tells ye.”
Emma gasped. Against every logical reason blaring in her head, she instinctively melted into his demanding embrace until his heart hammered against her breasts. Torin didn’t feel wrong. He felt very—ready, willing, tempting and all those other adjectives setting her body on fire. A wondrous heat weakened her knees as she molded into the delicious hardness trapped beneath his kilt. She smoothed her fingers down the raised outline of the ebony tattoos circling across his bulging biceps. She’d never been with a man like Torin. Her breath caught as she met his gaze and found excruciating need reflected in his face. Could she do this? Should she?
Torin dipped his head and settled Emma’s inner debate with a kiss. He pulled her tighter against his lean hardness and opened her mouth with his. His lips, his hands, that inquisitive tongue all demanded entry—demanded complete submission. Emma’s mind whirled as her body erupted with an age-old need. Hell yes, I can do this.                                                 
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