Friday, July 31, 2020

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She promised him a year. Now he wants forever.

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Ian Cameron knows he’s cursed when it comes to women. His pregnant wife was murdered at the Glencoe massacre, and he barely survived the agony of her loss. Years later, he allowed himself a fondness for another. It wasn’t love, but when she died, it pained him too. No way in hell is he about to set himself up for a third heartbreaking farewell. The only problem is convincing his kin. The meddlesome MacCoinnichs are trying their best to chain him to a lovely widow with three rowdy sons. They told him some foolishness about how she’d be a light for his darkness, and he could be her safe harbor. Gretna is a fine lass and a dear friend, but he’s not about to tie himself to her and her little hellions.

Independent Gretna Neal has already buried two husbands. She has no interest in burying a third. Besides, her second husband taught her everything she needed to know about the faultiness of arranged marriages. She’ll never trip into that miserable trap again. But if a handfasting for a year will silence the meddlesome matchmakers and shield her sons from more cruel rumors, she’ll do it. She can tolerate anything for a year, and she knows Ian. It’ll be more like sharing a home with an old friend.

A mercenary cursed to spend his life alone. A skilled healer accused of witchery. Both at the mercy of friends and kin who decide what’s best for the unlikely pair and turn out to be right.

The couple dares to embrace their connection; until a ghost from the past and a dangerous grudge threatens a chance at the happiness neither of them had ever hoped for again.

Highland Heroes

Book 1 - The Guardian

Book 2 - The Warrior

Book 3 - The Judge

Book 4 - The Dreamer

Book 5 - The Bard

Book 6 - The Ghost