Friday, March 3, 2023

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Loving Her Lonely Highlander

Time to Love a Highlander – Book 6

Her fit of anger becomes a leap back through time into the arms of a man she can never have.

21st century bookshop owner, Lorna Merriweather is known for her patience. Especially regarding her fiancĂ©. Tonight he’s promised to go to the cliffs to watch for the northern lights. He must have something special to share if he’s willing to treat her to the Aurora Borealis in the bitter cold that he hates. But when his something special turns out to be a cruel betrayal impossible to forgive, she throws his ring in his face and storms away, stumbling over the cliff straight into the arms of the most amazing northern lights show of her life. But she doesn’t fall to her death. When her head clears, it’s morning and she’s back on the hillside in the middle of a snowstorm. Where is the glow of the town’s colorful festival lights? And where is her terrible ex-fiancĂ©? Everything looks familiar—but not. Thank goodness a strange woman and her family come along in an antique carriage and offer her a ride back to town. Or at least where town is supposed to be.

17th century Gunn Sinclair, 6th Earl of Caithness and chieftain of Clan Sinclair, has been widowed twice. He loved both wives and can’t stand the thought of going through that heartbreak again. But his beloved daughter Arabella needs a mother, and he needs an heir. The only solution is an arranged marriage to a woman he will never love. An amicable passionless union is what he seeks.

Young Arabella is not about to let her father marry a woman so cruel to her son and lady’s maid that they tremble when she is near. But she decides that the nice Mistress Lorna would do quite nicely for a new mama. And Mistress Lorna has seen how wicked Lady Murdina is, so Arabella knows she will help her get that she-devil out of Thursa Castle. They form a pact to stop the wedding and save the chieftain from the disastrous match.

But what Lorna doesn’t know is that Arabella isn’t planning on halting the ceremony, the wily nine-year-old merely wants to switch brides.