Friday, May 14, 2010

How Rude!

Have you ever encountered the type of person who's so miserable with their own existence that they're determined to make everyone's life just as hard to bear?  I was unfortunate enough to run across just such a young man the other day. 

I had to get a prescription filled.  The line stretched back about four people deep and this young man didn't want to be at work that day.  As each of the elderly customers ahead of me cringed when he barked for them to come to the counter, he'd pound on the computer a bit harder each time, cursing under his breath when the computer rebelled as the keys jammed due to abusive pounding.  This boy really hated his job.

My turn came.  I smiled, paid and told him I hoped his day got better.  I was rewarded with a shoved bag across the counter and a snarled, "Yeah, whatever."

At first, I thought I'd complain to the manager but then my twisted sense of humor got the best of me when I remembered this old joke I'd once heard, so I just laughed out loud and left.  Forgive me, if you've already heard it.

Two southern belles were swinging on the veranda sipping their tea.  The first southern belle turned to her friend and said, "I want you to look out there at my beautiful new car Daddy bought me.  Isn't it just the loveliest car you've eva' seen?"

The second belle nodded and replied, "That's nice."

Then the first southern belle waved her hand toward a prancing stallion. "And look over there.  Daddy paid more money for my new horse than your Daddy has eva' seen.  Have you eva' seen a  horse so fine?"

The second belle nodded again and repeated, "That's nice."

By this time, the first southern belle is a little perturbed. She sets down her tea and says, "So, tell me.  What has yo' daddy eva' bought for you?"

The second belle takes a sip of her tea and then says, "Daddy sent me to a fine southern charm school."

"A charm school?" The first belle huffs. "Well, what did they teach you at this so-called fine charm school?"

The second belle dabs her napkin to her lips and says, "They taught us to say, That's nice instead of Go to hell."