Sunday, August 19, 2018

A tester of many flavors or no? #ReadRomance #WhatGenreForYou

Many genre choices a burdened author doth make.
Ever since I started releasing my stories into the wild—kind of like a catch and release program—I’ve been hard pressed to nail down my “brand”. Authors are always advised, and rightly so, to establish their brand. It helps readers. It helps marketing. It helps publishers. It helps eeeeerbody up in here. But it kinda makes me squirm.

My tagline: Magical Romance Sifting through Time was about as close as I could get to branding what I write because my stories vary. A lot. The only constant in all my stories is my beloved Highlanders.

My most recent series: Highland Protectors runs along the lines of contemporary, time-travel, historical romance with a backstory sprinkle of druid magic and Celtic goddesses. The first two books are primarily in the present and the third book…uhm…isn’t. *wink* Can’t give away too much, now can I? But anyway, how’s that for a sampler plate of genres within the same series?

In my current writing project, I’m attempting to discipline myself and stick to one genre. I know. Kind of scary. It’s pure historical romance set in seventeenth century Scotland. No time travel. No druids or witchcraft. No Celtic hocus pocus. I’m tempted, mind you, but so far, I’m nearly half done with the draft of the first book and I haven’t cheated even once.

But I am curious. Are you a reader of many genres? My faves are historical, regency, and time-travel romances. I cut my proverbial reading teeth on Barbara Cartland romances.

What genre or genres do you enjoy?