Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seasonal Muse

I’ve concluded I’m gifted or cursed (depending on your point of view) with a seasonal muse. I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a winter spirit anyway. Early in the fall when the first crisp wind whistles through the trees, that’s when my energy level soars.

But now it’s summer. I’ve got a new manuscript plotted. I’ve wrung out the words through chapter three and it’s just not happening. I already realized a long time ago that the wee hours of the morning brought the best words to the pages. But this is the first time I ever sat back and realized everything else I’ve ever written came together during the fall and winter months.

I’m a firm believer the muse can’t be forced. So for now, the new characters will go quietly to sleep and I’ll tweak a finished manuscript that needs a bit more polish.
And until my beloved seasonal wheel turns to please my muse, I’ll draw strength from the serenity of my own backyard. Enjoy a few pictures of some of our latest visitors and a few of our flowers. I’ve also included some pictures of the ice storm a year ago, just to please the muse.  

Note: Between the squirrels and deer "visiting" the birdfeeders each day, the birds were starving to death.  We finally gave up and started putting out ears of dried corn for the birdfeeder bandits.  It took me a while to get these shots of the doe while she ate.  Thank heavens for a zoom lens.