Monday, September 19, 2011

On Alien Kittens, Writing Partners and Muses...

I'm so pleased to welcome the very talented Lynda K. Scott  and her alien kitten, Wookie to my blog today. Jasper has sulled up and worked himself into a royal snit about having Wookie over for a visit. But he's just going to have to get over it because I know everyone's going to love getting to know Linda and Wookie better. I know I have :-) Welcome Linda and Wookie!

On Alien Kittens, Writing Partners and Muses

I share my somewhat messy office with my alien kitten, Wookie. That's my favorite place to work because I can go in there, turn on the radio/cd player/tv and close the door! LOL The only one who's allowed to disturb me is Wookie but since she's my writing partner and muse, I suppose that's all right.

As I prepared to write this guest post, Wookie, who came to live with me when she was about 3 weeks old, asked, "Chrruupp?"

I answered that I usually begin somewhat ahead of the story's actual beginning. That way I can give a little back story or history for my characters or the plot. I know I'll delete it before I try to publish it because 1) I don't want to bore my readers 2) I like to start the story where the plot begins or as close to it as possible. Does that mean I never use any of that material? No. Sometimes I filter it in as a flashback or in the character's thoughts or simply as a one-to-three sentence bit of background. Sometimes I'll use it as a prologue (though it has to really be important to the plot before I'll do that.)

Wookie seemed impressed. If you've ever met a cat, especially an alien kitten, you know that to impress them is quite a feat. With a flick of her pointy ears and a feline smile, she asked, "Mwawww?"

What is the hardest part of the writing process for me? I had to stop and think. Getting the story idea is fairly easy. Many of them begin with dream sequences (yes, I have odd dreams and no, it's not due to something I ate, lol). And I love research, so that's never a problem. But, with that in mind, I think the hardest part of the writing process for me is to NOT include every single bit of information that I've learned during the book's research. I love research and I love learning and I'm sure most readers do as well because readers are some of the smartest people on the planet. But I know I can get off the plot path easily by looking for ways to incorporate each intriguing bit of data that I find. That's my burden and I have to fight it every time I sit down to write ;-)

Wookie wandered over to a tiny sparkly pink ball with a long silky black feather, one of the first toys I ever bought her. Her hand paw slapped the ball, moving it across the room. She pounced on it in one of those incredible alien kitten movements that spans several feet without even touching the floor. I've always thought it was typical of an innate anti-gravity that cats seem to possess. She looked over her shoulder at me. "Prripp woa?"

Well, yes, I've always read a lot of Fantasy or Science Fiction. In fact, Andre Norton and Isaac Asimov were my early favorites. Both are noted Fantasy/Science Fiction authors but they both often had romantic elements in their work.

Ms Norton's style was spare, not a word wasted. She had a graceful writing style that lured a reader in and keep them firmly attached to the book and the characters. She could build intricate fantasy worlds so real, you wished you could visit them.

Dr. Asimov gave his science fiction stories real people which is what fiction stories are about even while he provided sound science or quasi-science in measured amounts. He knew that too many dry facts would turn a reader in a sleeper ;-)

Looking back, I've never been able to confine myself to either Fantasy or Science Fiction. I like to think that what I've done is combined fantasy and science fiction with romance to get a genre I call Science Fantasy Romance. I'm not going to say that I created the genre or coined the name for it but that is what I write.

Science Fantasy lets me stretch my imagination. I love mythology and the fantastical. I love science. As I said on another blog I visited recently, my novels follow the Arthur C. Clarke quotation: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Heartstone has shapeshifters who wield laser swords, fly space ships, and have interplanetary transporter-style locations. They heal/diagnose with 'magical' stones or by touch. Altered Destiny has aliens that resemble Elves, dragons, space flight, alternate time lines and other cool stuff ;-) My goal is to make the 'magic' real and the science plausible without sacrificing the story or the characters.

Wookie abandoned her toy to attack a cardboard box. If you could hear it, you'd think of a boxer beating a punching bag. When the box was satisfactorily subdued (I'm not sure what its crime was, lol), she daintily sat and wrapped her long plush tail around her feet and winked at me.

I thought back over our 'conversation' and realized it would be perfect for this guest post. Now you know why Wookie, the alien kitten, is my writing partner and muse ;-)

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