Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's OFFICIAL!! (and there's a surprise too)

A Highlander in Her Past is now available in several "ereader friendly" formats at the fine retailers listed below! And be sure and read to the end --there's a lovely giveaway!

Sometimes even soul mates need a push in the right direction, especially when that direction crosses centuries.

How bad could one little spell be?

Trish Sullivan, archeologist and favorite aunt to the MacKay children never thought she'd regret those words until Ramsay, eldest MacKay lad hurls them back to the 1400's with a botched transportation spell. Now she and Ramsay must find a way back before accidently altering the past and unknowingly changing the future. That is, if Trish can survive the first trip across time without losing her life...or her heart.

What harm could come from a little soul-binding?

Proving his Highland honor alive and well, Maxwell Sullivan agrees to bind his soul to Trish's in order to save her life. But Highland honor isn't much help when Maxwell loses his heart to the sassy woman headed back to the future.

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And to celebrate my official release date, I think a contest is in order. Don't you? To celebrate this exciting day, I'm giving away a $10 Wild Rose Press Gift Certificate to TWO lucky readers. The Wild Rose Press has lots of wonderful authors to choose from and who knows? Maybe you'll decide to try a few of my other books while you're there. 

The contest runs through Saturday, April 6, 2013. So be sure and tell my little rafflecopter buddy below that you'd like to be in the drawing!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fergus says...

"Judgie" people can be quite difficult.
But swallowed head first with a grain of salt...
They disappear quite nicely.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fergus says...

Keep friends close.

 Keep enemies closer...

And preferably toasted extra crispy.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Animals save us in many ways...

Follow the link below for posts about the many ways animals save us.

I'm so grateful for the animals in my life. I'd be lost without them.
Maeve Greyson