Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lucky 7 Meme challenge!

The super talented Sabrina Garie gifted me with The Lucky 7 Meme. Be sure and visit her blog. I know you'll be glad you did. 
The challenge, should I so choose to accept, is to share some of my work in progress in RAW UNEDITED form *shudder*. I have the choice of sharing 7 lines down from the first 7 lines of the page from page 7 or 77. Then I send the Meme on to 7 other writers who I think you'll enjoy. 
Challenge accepted. These 7 lines come from page 7 of my current WIP that I haven't quite named just yet. It's a paranormal romance filled with passion, betrayal, sacrifice and hope. I hope you enjoy this taste:
What a glorious feeling it would be to touch the steady pulse of Egrin’s inner draecon-kha –his dormant dragon form –waiting to be unleashed. Strength pulsed in her lord’s scarred lean form. Pure predatory grace shone in every fluid move. What she wouldn’t give to feel that force pounding into her during the throes of a mating embrace. Lilith wet her lips, suddenly breathless at the enticing prospect. Smoldering heat flooded her core, ready to burst with blazing passion at the slightest provocation. Damn Egrin’s refusal to name her consort of Fhearann-Saar until his precious spawn had been recovered. 
Now. The 7 LUCKY authors I select are:
Check these authors out. They're all fantastic. By the way, the Meme is an understanding soul for those unable to join in. Life's too short to sweat the little stuff. ;-)