Friday, October 6, 2017

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Joanna’s Highlander – A Highland Protector Novel

Present-day North Carolina sings with the passions of the Scottish Highlands as a fiery, time-traveling Celtic warrior takes a stubborn tour guide for a wild ride.

Haunted by lost love, Grant MacDara still dreams of tenth-century Scotland. Nothing can soothe his aching heart—until a sharp-tongued, redheaded beauty leads a tour of senior citizens through his family’s North Carolina theme park, Highland Life and Legends. Though she’s the polar opposite of the lass he left behind, Joanna Martin is the most irresistible woman Grant has ever met. But when he decides that she’s worth the risk of loving again, he tries so hard to hold her close that she nearly slips through his fingers.

Forced out of her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep by a conniving ex, Joanna is trying to make the best of her quiet new life. But one glimpse of Grant—who wields an ancient hammer like it’s just another appendage of his chiseled body—convinces Joanna not to give up on love. The one thing she can’t do is outrun her past as a loser magnet. And although Grant seems to be the last honorable man left on earth, this mouthwatering stud needs a crash course in twenty-first-century women before Joanna can trust him with her heart.


Monday, October 2, 2017

SADIE'S HIGHLANDER #MustRead #EverybodyNeedsAHighlander #OutlanderFixBetweenEpisodes

“I meant every word I said, and if ye’ll have me, I’ll spend the rest of m’days tellin’ ye how deeply I love ye. I swear ta ye, sweetling, I’ll even love ye past the grave.”

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Sadie's Highlander #MustRead #EverybodyNeedsAHighlander

“Yer a beautiful woman. Tempting and easy to love.” He kissed her slowly, then lifted his head again. “And if I e’er hear ye speak as though ye think otherwise, I’ll be bendin’ ye over m’knee and warmin’ yer fine, delectable arse for ye.”

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

How many days 'til September 12th? #SadiesHighlander #ReleaseDay #PreorderNow

The Highland Protector series brings to life four mouthwatering Celtic brothers in twenty-first-century North Carolina—where the lasses are anything but tamed.

Highland warrior Alec MacDara and his brothers traveled forward in time to protect the sacred Heartstone. Their cover? Owners and operators of a theme park called Highland Life and Legends. As the chairman, Alec has been fending off requests to film at the breathtaking property. It’s only because of the charming correspondence from an enterprising production assistant that he agrees to a meeting at all. That’s when Alec meets a woman whose lush curves make him forget, for the first time, all about tenth-century Scotland.

A lowly assistant for her sister’s motion picture company, wannabe screenwriter Sadie Williams is shocked when Alec agrees to let them film at the park upon one condition: that she report to him daily. Sadie’s sister always told her that their parents only adopted her because they felt sorry for the ugly little stray. But Alec looks at Sadie like she’s the most tempting creature in the world. And with his gleaming, musclebound body stripped down to nothing but a hip-hugging kilt and boots, Alec clearly knows a little something about temptation.

Don’t miss any of Maeve Greyson’s enticing Scottish romances:

The Highland Protector Series: SADIE’S HIGHLANDER


Advance praise for Sadie’s Highlander

“With scintillating sex and plenty of romantic angst, this novel is likely to appeal to those who like their romance on the hot side.”—Publishers Weekly

“Sadie’s Highlander is an engaging, fun romp that combines a very serious ninth-century Scottish Highlander and a sassy twenty-first-century wannabe Hollywood screenwriter. I highly recommend this thoroughly enjoyable and perfect beach read.”—Sharon Cullen, USA Today bestselling author of The Reluctant Duchess

“I loved the way Maeve wove the past with the present. It was a delight and I was pulled right in to the story. It gave me all the feels and I really dug her hero, hello Scottish Highlander!”—Shana Gray, author of Working Girl

“Lovable heroine, hunky Scot and an intriguing plot! What’s not to love!”—International Amazon bestselling author Barbara Longley

“Pair a hot, alpha Medieval Scotsman with a modern-day woman who never had the right chance at love and you have one steamy and romantic page-turner. Sadie’s Highlander is a must-read for fans of to-die-for alpha heroes.”—Cecy Robson, 2016 RITA Finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My latest “Master Storyteller” discovery!

Have you ever read a story and become so immersed in the characters and the world the author created that when the story ended it made you sad? Your heart sank because you didn’t want to leave that world or the new friends you’d just gotten to know. They were “real” to you. Still are. So you re-read the story—and re-read it again to keep from leaving.
I just had that experience with Curse of the Healer by Ashley York. Unfortunately, I don’t have the opportunity to read as much as I used to and one slight drawback of my being an author is the fact that I find it difficult to turn off my constant internal editor and really enjoy a book anymore. I’m not saying I’m an expert or better than anyone. I’m just saying that it’s an ingrained response for many of us authors to “rewrite” in our heads what we’re trying to read because that’s what we do to our own stories.
I didn’t have that problem with Curse of the Healer. Ashley York immediately drew me into the story. I was emotionally invested in Aednat’s fate from page one.
If you want to step back in history and lose yourself in a steamy romance filled with heart-stopping highs and gut-wrenching lows that will make you ignore any other responsibilities you have, then read Curse of the Healer. I highly recommend it and I enjoyed it so much that I’m working my through the rest of Ashley York’s fantastic stories! Trust me—she is a master storyteller!
Curse of the Healer
Book One
Descendants of the High King

After the death of Brian Boru in 1014, a legend arose of a healer so great she could raise a man from the dead, with a power so strong it could make any warrior the next high king of Γ‰ire...and to steal it away from her, he need only possess her

Fated to be a healer…

Aednat has spent her entire life training to be the great healer, knowing she must remain alone. When she meets Diarmuid, the intense attraction she feels toward him shakes her resolve to believe in such a legend. If she gives in to the passion he ignites in her, can she settle for being less?

Destined to be his…

Diarmuid of Clonascra is renowned for his bravery in battle. Only one thing daunts him: the prospect of taking a wife. The safest course would be to keep his distance from Aednat, the bold, headstrong healer who's far too tempting for his peace of mind. But his overking orders him to protect her from a group of craven warriors intent on kidnapping her to steal her power.

What starts as duty for Diarmuid quickly transforms into something more. Aednat's power might be at risk, but so is his closed-off heart.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This is what "LOVE" looks like at my house.

Heart-shaped meatloaf on Valentine's Day

Spaz "holding" down the parchment paper on the cookie sheet.

Spaz recovering from helping in the kitchen.

Contented grandbaby

Silly games.

LOTS of laughter

All generations working together.