Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm thrilled to have Kensington Brava author, Rebecca Zanetti visit my cyber home. She's a pretty busy lady these days because her much anticipated release day is almost here. Tomorrow, FATED hits the shelves. You'll be able to get your hands on her fresh new twist to a sexy vampire read.

Poor Rebecca. She's kind of my guinea pig with this interview. I've never really done one before. But I figured it would be all right. You see...she's my AWESOME mentor in the Writing With the Stars Contest. Without Rebecca's great advice, guidance, and understanding, I would never have made it to the Final Round.  But enough about that - on to the interview:

Maeve:  Tomorrow's the big release day for FATED, Rebecca. How have you been holding up as you get closer to the big day?

Rebecca: Thanks so much for having me here today! I’m so excited for the release! A wonderful specialty wine and gourmet food store called the Gourmet Way has offered to throw a launching party with a wine tasting and several giveaways. The press will be there and a local radio station is doing an interview the day before. Though I need to get back to work afterwards. I’ve been really busy with guest blogging and promoting FATED, so I need to buckle down soon and work on HUNTED, which is book three in the series.

Maeve:  I love following a series. I'll look forward to collecting them all. Okay, Rebecca. You're not only a talented author for Kensington Brava but you're also a lawyer and a college professor. (The wife and mother roles are no less important but I'm trying to stay focused here.) How did a professional in what some would consider a quite somber field end up writing sizzling hot vampire romances?

Rebecca: Great question! (And thanks for all the kind words!) You know, the most successful lawyers and professors I know are the most creative. Linear, logical thinking needs some very creative tweaking to appeal to anyone listening to you, whether it’s a jury or a class full of college students. And to be honest, I’ve always been a bit on the fringe of anything sober…vampires are a good fit.

Maeve:  There's sometimes a certain stigma attached to the romance genre. I believe the term "trashy romance novels" is one phrase that tends to follow us around. Do you attempt to keep your roles separated for those who don't realize how much talent it takes to spin a delicious tale that entertains your readers?

Rebecca:  Nope, no way, not a bit and no how. I don’t feel the stigma. If it’s out there, I either don’t see it or subconsciously disregard it. I love romances. I’m fine with people who don’t. But this is what I write, and facts are facts. And yes, I’m sure my students will be giggling next month after reading FATED because hey, it’s a bit steamy. Though I bet they’ll buy book 2, CLAIMED, when it comes out in November. ;-) 

Maeve: A giggling student is a happy student. You're making their lives more pleasant. So, tell us...what triggers your plot bunnies to start wiggling their ears? Music? Art? People-watching?

Rebecca:  Yes. All of the above. I also live in my head a lot, and stuff percolates there. Sometimes I have to remind myself to get out of there and interact…but now at least people think…hey, she’s a writer. She can be eccentric. That’s better than people getting irritated because they think you’re not paying attention.

Maeve: I'm going to be sure my husband reads this. Now, he'll know "part" of the reasons why he's sometimes ignored.  Tell us a little bit about FATED. Everyone's anxious to hear more about your book.

Rebecca:  Like any romance, FATED is about two people falling in love and figuring out a way to stay together. It just so happens that one is a vampire and the other a single mother trying to protect her daughter from a multitude of dangerous destinies. Throw in a virus created to specifically harm the vampires, a whole lot of steamy sex and genuine emotion, and I think you have a fast paced, breathtaking read.

Maeve: FATED sounds like a MUST READ to me. Is there anything else you'd like to add? Do you have any words of wisdom or questions for your readers?

Rebecca:  I’ve been asked the magical formula for selling a book to NY from people who have great ideas for books. There isn’t a formula. But without question, the first thing you have to do is sit down and write until you have a finished book. There’s no way around that. Sure, classes and workshops and books are great in preparing you…but they’re also a way to put off writing because hey, you’re working on your writing career. If I could give anyone advice, it’d be to start WRITING now.

Maeve:  I think that's excellent advice, Rebecca and thank you so much for visiting my blog today. Now guess what, folks? Rebecca has agreed to give away a signed copy of FATED to one lucky commentor who correctly answers the following riddle:

Since Rebecca is my interview guinea pig today, I asked her if she likes carrots. She said yes but she liked this food item better.  It's green. It's often found in martini's. It's sometimes stuffed with pimentos and it's actually a fruit.  What does Rebecca like to gnosh on better than a carrot?

To learn more about Rebecca Zanetti - visit her website here:
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