Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Interview and #GIVEAWAY - Granny Sinclair - #KindleFire #MoreSassWithAge

My Seductive Highlander, the final book in the Highland Hearts series, releases on October 11, 2016—which is just a little shy of three short months from now.

Granny Sinclair, the matchmaking matriarch of the Sinclair clan, was kind enough to grant me an interview, even though when I asked her to include a recent photo, she sent me a one-eyed shot of her cat, Kismet rather than a picture of herself. She’s stubborn like that. Aren’t you, Granny?

Granny: I don’t consider myself stubborn. I’ve simply arrived at an age where I know my own mind and have no reservations. Plain and simple. I’ve never liked having my picture taken so why should I? You’re lucky Kismet graced you with a photo. Now, shall we get on with this? I’m a busy woman. I believe you had some questions?

Uhm…absolutely. *clears throat and shuffles through notes* My Seductive Highlander is Lilia’s story, your youngest granddaughter, and the last one that needed settling into a happily-ever-after. You matched all your granddaughters with Highlanders from another time. Any particular reason why?

Granny: They weren’t just any Highlanders.

Yes, I know that. But they were all from the past. Wouldn’t it have been easier to find suitable husbands from the current century?

Granny: I wasn’t looking for “suitable”. Life’s too short for “suitable”. Never settle for anything less than soul-scorching passion. Next question.

You’re not going to make this interview easy, are you?

Granny: This was your brilliant idea. Not mine.

*blows out a strained breath* Okay then. Now that My Seductive Highlander closes the series, what’s next for Granny Sinclair?

Granny: You really want me to sit here and tell everyone how the book ends? Have you lost your mind?

*bites tongue to keep from cursing* How about if we tell everyone about the giveaway?

Granny: Good idea.

*sigh* Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this brief chat with Granny. I know I have. *clears throat* Thank you, Granny and Kismet for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with me.

Granny: *politely nods as she scoops up Kismet and walks out the door*

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