Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Writer's Alphabet

See the new footwear I acquired when I returned home from my trip? My husband thinks I'm extremely hard-headed.  I prefer to think of it as determined.  On day one of our trip to Scotland and Ireland, I twisted my way down a step and managed to break two bones in my foot.  On day two, I did it again.  Apparently, I'm a slow learner.  However, I have now FINALLY learned that while walking down steps and taking pictures, PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FEET.  The reason my husband believes I'm a bit stubborn is because I didn't go to the doctor until we returned.  I gimped around on my lame foot for two weeks because I didn't want to deal with a clinic visit during my trip.

Anyway, for some strange reason (I have no idea why my mind works the way it does) silly head used this mishap to come up with the following writer's alphabet. 

A - is for author.  I write stories.  Hey, that's me!
B - is for bestseller.  That's what I want my books to be.
C - is for cliche.  Bad things! Everyone's heard it a thousand times.
D - is for determined.  If you're not won't survive.
E - is for email.  It can make or break your day.
F - is for Facebook.  A social place for work and play.
G - is for gulp.  What you do when you get a reply about your book.
H - is for happy.  What you are when an editor requests another look.
I - is for impatient.  What an author must learn not to be.
J - is for job.  We do this when we'd rather be writing.
K - is for kindness. Authors thrive when this is laced through a constructive critique.
L - is for looney.  Some people think we're this just because we listen to the "voices" of our muse.
M - is for manuscript.  The official word for our babies that we've nudged out into the world.
N - is for neverending.  There's always a story brewing.
O - is for opinion.  Everyone has one - sometimes good and sometimes bad. *sigh*
P - is for proof.  We do this a THOUSAND times and still don't see that one error until AFTER we've hit SEND.
Q - is for query.  A plea to editors, agents and publishers to please love our "baby" as much as we do.
R - is for revise.  If we revise it just one more time...maybe then it will be perfect.
S - is for story.  That's what it's all about.
T - is for tension.  What a good story has.
U - is for unwavering.  An author must never give up.
V - is for voice.  Find your "one of a kind" voice and shine!
W - is for writing.  What else would we do if not for writing our lovely tales?
X - marks the spot to sign on the contract we all hope to win.
Y - is for yelling at the computer when it doesn't save your file.
Z - is for Rebecca Zanetti - my great mentor in the Writing With the Stars contest!

How about your writer's alphabet?  What "descriptions" would you use?


  1. I'm sorry you missed out on another Irish experience. Irish medical clinics (what they call GP offices here) are a real treat! (I'm not laughing, really I'm not!) Feel better soon.

    Great alphabet! Here's mine --

    A is for Alone - What I need most when I'm writing.
    B is for Backspace - "No, that won't do; must get rid of it."
    C is for Crazy - Just because I listen to the voices in my head doesn't mean I'm crazy.
    D is for Deadline - I assign them for myself so I can stick to a schedule.
    E is for Emotion - Touch reader's hearts by emotion.
    F is for Freak - What I try not to do when I'm nearing a deadline.
    G is for Gratitude - How I feel when someone says something nice about what I've written.
    H is for Hours - Where does the time go?
    I is for Incentive - What I give myself to try harder.
    J is for Just - Just one more page, just one more minute, just one more . . .
    K is for Killer - A killer story will catch the attention of publishers and readers.
    L is for Learn - I try to learn something new every day.
    M is for Magic - That something special in every story.
    N is for No - A word I'm learning to use more often so I don't get suckered into doing things I really don't have time for.
    O is for Owl - I'm a night owl; I write best at night.
    P is for Plan - Gotta have one.
    Q is for Question - Question everything to get your story right.
    R is for Research - Getting it right is not just for historicals.
    S is for Serendipity - I love it when a plan comes together!
    T is for Tweak - Take an average plot, tweak it and make it unique.
    U is for Umpteenth - "Why yes, Ms Editor, I'll be happy to redo this chapter for the umpteenth time."
    V is for Versatile - Versatility is an asset.
    W is for What the . . . - Lost work? 'Nuff said!
    X is for X - What we hope reviewers will give us . . . a perfect ten.
    Y is for Yesterday - No sense brooding over yesterday. Today is a new day and full of opportunities to write.
    Z is for Zee End - The last two words of my stories ;-)

  2. I hate to tell you this, but your husband was right - you ARE stubborn! (you forget, I know your ancestors)

    Loved the alphabet post & glad you made it back to the States in (almost) one piece. *snicker* (sorry - I promised I wouldn't laugh).

    a good friend helps you when you fall; a best friend laughs at you and trips you again

  3. I LOVED your alphabet, Kemberlee! Well done indeed. :-)

  4. Thank you SO much for your kind words, Michael. You rascal you! :-)

  5. Maeve,
    Sorry to hear about your missed steps in Ireland. Hope your foot is healing without complications.

    Your writer's alphabet is inspirational. I'm passing along my irreverent attempt.

    A is for “Aaack!” I’ve been writing all day and only managed two decent paragraphs.
    B is for Basset Hound. Fearless guardian of my slush pile.
    C is for Crank Up the volume, Nickelback songs inspire me.
    D is for Do Not Disturb. It may look like I'm napping but I'm really working out plot points and story arcs with my eyes closed.
    E is for Elusive. When the right word flies off the page and out the window.
    F is for FINISH THE BOOK!
    G is for Golden Heart-- the brass ring for unpubs.
    H is for “How many online workshops did I sign up for this month?”
    I is for It Takes a Village to Birth a Book: the author, the mentor, the critiquers, the beta readers, the agents, the editors, the publishers, and so on and so forth into infinity.
    J is for Justifiable Homicide. When an author is forced to murder her characters before they kill the story.
    K is for Kink in the Neck from sitting hunched at the computer and staring at that blinking cursor too long.
    L is for Look Ma, I’m a writer! Here's the proof. I just finished Chapter One.
    M is for Monster Puppy's interruptions for a game of tug-o-war with a rope toy.
    N is for Netbook. It’s always within reach.
    O is for Onomatopoeia. I like the sound of that.
    P is for Pizza. A necessary nourishment for perseverance.
    R is for Rocky Road Ice Cream. Beats rejection blues every time.
    Q is for Quietly going insane waiting to hear about a submission.
    S is for Synopsis. Just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.
    T is for Typos that Spell-check misses.
    U is for Uh-Oh. I didn’t mean to press send.
    V is for Vision. Without one, there is no direction. Only chaos and massive amounts of rewrites.
    W is for Whispers of Doubt that we must steel ourselves against.
    X is for eXcitement that a new story idea brings.
    Y is for Yes I’m a writer. No it’s not a hobby.
    Z is for Zippidity Do Da. Writers need a little silly to maintain sanity.

    ~kristal lee

  6. The footwear is most 'fetching' :-) The medical attention in the UK is *free* and when you come back again remember -STOP to take pics :-) The holiday goes better that way!
    Fabulous alphabet. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The foot does look uncomfortable, but I'm glad you're able to go back to work. If I was stuck at home for six weeks, I know the walls would close in (especially since colder weather will soon be upon us.)

    Loved the alphabet and also the other comments. I especially liked the following: "Yes, I am a writer. No, it's not a hobby." Ugh! How many times I have heard that myself! *cringing*

    Looking forward to seeing more pics of your trip.

  8. LOL! I LOVED your alphabet, Kristal! Thanks so much for posting. :-)

  9. Good advice, Sherry! I'll definitely take it to heart. :-)

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Victoria! You're right. If I was out of commission for six weeks, I believe I'd start "scaling" the walls. ;-)