Monday, September 12, 2011

My list of writerly pleasures...

We’ve all seen lists of a writer’s woes:

1.      Rejections.

2.      Writer’s Block.

3.      Grammar Godzilla’s.

4.      Rejections. (Yes. I realize I listed that one twice. It’s a biggie.)

5.      Writing Software FUBAR’s. (In case you’re not familiar with the  acronym – it means: *Effed* Up Beyond All Recognition).

Anyway, you get the idea and if you happen to be a writer, I’m sure you can relate. But due to a very WONDERMOUS email I received a few days ago, I decided to make a list of a few writerly pleasures and the responses they evoke.

  1. Typing “The End”.  Immediate exhale, stretch numbed arms over head while flexing stiff and aching back.
  1. Completing the wicked synopsis, pitch, and query letter for your polished manuscript. Relieved sigh, shut computer down and ransack kitchen in search of chocolate and coffee to replenish dangerously low levels of brain steam. 
  1. Email from targeted editor that just received evil synopsis, pitch and query. Email doesn’t begin with “Although the premise of your story sounds interesting…”  Instead, it contains a short, crisp paragraph requesting a partial. Emit quiet writerly sob of joy. Save several copies of email to folders on hard drive, secondary email address, secondary server and iPhone so there is no danger of losing it and wondering if it was only a dream. 
  1. Email from same editor requesting a full. Same response as Writerly Pleasure #3. However, quiet writerly sob of joy is replaced with blood curdling whoop of HOT DAMN! that launches unsuspecting, napping dog into immediate attack mode and sets him searching for the intruder that caused the scream. 
  1. EMAIL/PHONE CALL OFFERING A CONTRACT. Dry mouth. Rapid heartbeat. Dizziness. If Writerly Pleasure #5 is in fact a phone call, I strongly recommend allowing the recognized number to go to voice mail so that you’re able to speak coherently when talking to your soon-to-be editor. 
  1. Completing edits. Happy, satisfied sigh. Gratitude for an editor who just helped “tweak” your book into an even better story. 
  1. Receiving email with the jpeg file of the proposed cover for your book. Another whoop of joy. Same napping dog reaction as in Writerly Pleasure #4 and same saving of this email as in Writerly Pleasure #3. 
  1. ARC’s (advanced reading copies) Have you ever hugged a book as though it were made of solid gold? 
  1. Holding your just released “baby” in your hands.  Pet the shiny cover. Excitedly lick your lips. Smell the pages. Channel Gollum from Lord of the Rings. “M’prescioussss is sssooo pretty”. 
In reference to Writerly Pleasure #7, look at my lovely cover for ETERNITY’S MARK (scheduled to release in April). Isn’t m’presciousss…I mean…*ahem*…isn’t it gorgeous? 
And I'm sure you couldn't help but notice the gorgeous cover of my upcoming release from The Wild Rose Press, THE HIGHLANDER'S FURY at the beginning of this post. *happy sigh* *deep throaty writer's purr at the sight of both beautiful covers*

If you’re a writer, do you have any writerly pleasures you’d like to share? If you’re a reader, how does a shiny new book affect you? Hmm?


  1. Sigh..........
    That is beautiful Maeve! And I had to chuckle at your list. It's all strangely familiar! : )
    Can't wait to get my copy of both of these no doubt GREAT reads!

  2. Great post! And both the covers are delicious:)
    The biggest sigh of relief I get as a writer is when the plot knot that's been plaguing me suddenly unravels, revealing the perfect scene. Of course it's been there all the time, just hiding behind the grocery list in my brain or some such place........But oh, that's a sweet moment.

  3. Maeve, you crack me up. Channeling Gollum...yep, that about sums it up. Your covers at GORGEOUS! And that list. I've not been lucky enough to receive such a phone call...yet! But note to self about letting it go to voice mail. Good tip -- plus then I can play it and replay it and replay it...and replay it. Hugs!

  4. LaVerne - Thanks so much! I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

    Jennifer - I heartily agree! Those plot snafu's are awful.

    AJ - LOL! You're a woman after my own heart . :-)

  5. I know the feelings! Been through every one of them. With my first book, I was devasted by the rejection route, now it's just an "okay, try the next one!" As my wonderful older sister said, "keep trying, one day you'll find the shoe that fits."

  6. A great post we can all relate to in one form or fashion. Love the covers, Maeve. And I agree, they are yumma-that word you said.

  7. You're sister is a wise woman, Patsy!

    LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by Vonnie!


  8. Beautiful, mystical cover! I'm so excited for you! Loved your writer woes--we truly understand.

    Can't wait to read the new ones! Keep 'em coming!

  9. LOL! I know YOU can relate Victoria. ;)

  10. Loved the list. I got all excited along with you reading the step-by-steps to The Call!

    Both covers are gorgeous, Maeve! Wow. Just Wow!

  11. LOL! Thanks so much, Lynn. I'm excited about both of them too.


  12. Well said, Maeve!
    Ooh, those covers make me drool, lol.

  13. Hey, I've had the same symptoms you mentioned - both the fubar and the good stuff! Thank goodness!
    But I must admit to a certain amount of envy for the new writer's out there waiting for that moment. Unlike some other moments in your life, the first time's the best. lol
    xo Mimi

  14. You are so right, Mimi! That very first "sale" is beyond compare.


  15. Love both covers! Esp. The Highlander Jimmy...I mean cover. lol! You about covered all my sighs. Top of my list right now? Finish the damn WIP!

  16. LOL! I'm at the "write the wicked synopsis" stage with my latest WIP. Blech!

  17. LOL - loved the list! You know the acronym 'WTF' actually means "Word Tainted File" - have YET to explain what software has done to my stories sometimes...

  18. *snicker* WTF also stands for Wild Turkey Federation...but since I don't hunt, it takes on an ENTIRELY different meaning. I know you can relate, Mike. ;-)