Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Adventures...

I couldn't resist sharing some pictures of my family's annual cookie and craft day. Sharing a day of love, laughter and a few mishaps is the best Christmas present I get every year. May you all be as blessed as I am. 

Ah come on. Don't leave. We'll let you play too!
Of course we're being NICE!
They assigned me the green dough.  They didn't tell me I'd be stained green  until it wore off.
I'm not stupid. I know about green food coloring.
Ok. It's loaded. Is the safety off?
Look. All you do is click it like this.
No. That's not how it works. Here. Let me do it.
I've got this. Watch!
There. I fixed it again. Now, watch this!
I don't think anything is coming out.
It's easier to use a cookie cutter, Mom.
We'll let mom fool with the cookie shooter. We'll do ours this way. which one do I want to decorate?
Ok. I've got all the ribbon and glue ready. Are y'all gonna make some ornaments or not?
Mine is gonna be great.
Sometimes you have to approach these crafts at just the right angle.
The Master Dragon Goddess at work.
Her creation. Sir Christmasticus Hollymund Joyten

May you all enjoy good health, bubbling laughter and the joy of being loved!!


  1. What fun, Maeve. I miss those days. I love that you get the menfolk involved, too. My favorite memory is when my girls were little, they'd sit on the counter, wrap their legs around the large Tupperware cake carrier and stir while I put in the ingredients for fruitcakes.

    Sure wish I was there for those cookies. I used to have trouble getting the Spritz dough out of those doggone cookie presses.

    Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

    1. We finally gave up on the cookie press and the girls rolled the green dough into little balls and shaped them into wreaths. They informed me that the loose ones were green reindeer poop! Gotta love'm.

      Merry Christmas to you, my friend, and the happiest of new years! :-)

  2. That looks like a lot of fun, Maeve!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Love the dragon. My kids were never into that stuff. At least not when I was baking. Hmmm. :)

    1. LOL! My babies love the cooking and creating better than the eating. :-)

  4. Such wonderful memories to have for years to come...looks like all enjoyed helping!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh what WONDERFUL memories Maeve!! I LOVE the dragon cookie!!! So much fun!!! Enjoy the Holidays!! Merry Christmas !!!!

    1. Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year to you, Andrea! :-)

  6. great post and thanks for sharing. The dragon is great!
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  7. Thanks for the great pics, Maeve. All the important action for the holidays happens in the kitchen, for sure! Happy holidays! Rolynn

    1. Happy Holidays, Rolynn and may you have a wonderful New Year! :-)